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Konk 2008
The Kooks. British band, I could listen to their first album 'Konk' and will enjoy it so much. I must said I liked it that much that did not continue to listen to the other albums but now I will because of course when you got tickets to the concert, you prepare by listening to the songs so you can sing (or pretend to sing) the songs, right?

Well, I will do. I guess they'll play songs from the recent album because of couuuuurse concerts became the real deal for singers and bands. They want to promote their new stuff. But I really hope they sing many songs from their 2008 album.

This will be the first concert of 2015 and this year I have the wish to go to more concerts, in Gröna Lund for example. Lenny Kravitz is back, and Sam Smith ... well I only know one or two songs but I'll prepare for that one too. I like so far the two songs. Hmmm Marilyn Manson also but weeeeell, not really convinced. Maybe. 

Gröna Lund green card
Good thing with the Gröna Lund green card (no, no green card like to go to live in USA legally) gets you 'free entrance' for the whole season May-September (not sure if May or last days of April included this year). Anyway, this costs 240SEK which means 480MXP. Awesome, right? 

I enjoyed the past concert of Lenny Kravitz in Gröna Lund. He had an opening band called Vintage Trouble which I really liked. Let's see next August 3rd 2015. I hope they get Ed Sheeran to come to. I am liking his songs :) and well, if we talk about wishes, Arctic Monkeys PRETTY PLEASE!